Accounting Best Practices for Childcare Centers

Childcare owners manage a substantial amount of accounting to keep their centers running smoothly. From family fees like tuition, registration, and late pickups, to business expenses like payroll and facility charges, it could make your head spin. We’ll provide best practices for childcare owners to handle common accounting responsibilities, including:

  • Ways to find efficiencies to save time
  • Best practices discovered from your peers in childcare centers
  • Tips and tricks to save money
  • How to use software tools to streamline your processes

Improve Childcare Center Profitability through Staff Scheduling

Managing your teacher and staff schedules at your childcare center can be a balancing act. On one hand, you need sufficient staffing to stay compliant with student-to-teacher ratios. On the other hand, being overstaffed dramatically reduces your childcare center profitability. Learn how to increase profitability in your childcare center by balancing teacher and staff schedules. You’ll discover how to:

  • Analyze child check-in and check-out data

  • Organize current teacher and staff schedules

  • Manage teacher-to-student ratios with our free scheduling tool

Three Ways Technology Positively Impacts Early Learning

Gone are the days when childcare was solely about ensuring child safety, changing diapers, and delivering bottles and meals. Today’s educators and parents expect technology to be part of their solution, and leading early education providers are adapting. In this webinar, we’ll focus on the impact of technology on three groups:

  • Childcare businesses 
  • Educators
  • Parents

What Millennials are Expecting from Childcare Providers

Over 80% of babies being born in the U.S. are to millennial parents. These parents have come to expect a high level of communication, accessibility, and intuitive technology from the services they select.
We’ve compiled hard-hitting stats on this population that reveal how they:
  • Prefer to communicate
  • Research purchase decisions online
  • Work, compared to previous generations

5 Budget Improving Basics

Creating an accurate monthly budget is important to every childcare center. While spending time reviewing your financial statements and building a detailed budget is important, many busy center owners and directors can benefit from 5 easy to calculate metrics that will help improve profitability while maintaining quality of care and education.

How to Solve the Most Common Challenges

As you know, there are no shortage of challenges to overcome when running a childcare center! This webinar focuses on day-to-day operational challenges based on feedback from hundreds of childcare centers.